Monday, October 5, 2009

Up Periscope!

After a long period of being out of the loop...

Keeping focused on the positive ... It works!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Creative Process

One night I was sitting by my window with the lights off. As I looked to the backyard I noticed a tree near the fence. There was a slight breeze that caused the tree to sway a little. This motion created an image that stuck in my mind. The motion resembled a movement of a charging horse and the shape of the tree reminded me of a samurai warrior. I did not think much of it at the time and went about my usual evening routine. The next night I just happened to glance out the window and immediately saw the samurai but this time I could see his face. Now every time I saw the tree, even during the daytime when my samurai really just looked like a tree, I started to see more details. I decided to create an artistic exercise based on my samurai tree.

I knew that most of this samurai was in my mind so I knew a photograph of the tree would not do it justice. I decided to make a pastel. I started with a pencil drawing and drew the samurai with as much detail as possible. I then used my pastels to overlay the tree. My objective was not to bring out the exact samurai I saw but leave it open to the viewer and keep the essence of the tree. I also wanted to encompass some of the movement of the tree.

Once finished I took a photograph of the pastel.


Now that I had a photograph I could start to explore the inner workings of my "samurai-tree".

Using various filters I discovered that my "samurai-tree" changed. Below are some of my observations.


In this version the samurai changed to a woman carrying wood in the night. I can see her dress.


In this blue-green version it looks more like a bird.


Here I see an Indian Goddess


I see the samurai again covered in mud after the battle.


Here I see the ocean waves crashing against a big rock.


This one is what came closest to the samurai I saw. This is because I saw it most clearly at night in mostly black and green.


In this one I see more of a king with royal robes walking on a sunny day in his garden. He is lifting the front of his garb to avoid a puddle.


Here I see a large rose in a rain shower.


This one looks like a Christmas tree.


Here I see less samurai and more Peruvian high priest sitting in judgment.


Finally, in this one I see the samurai charging forward into battle, hand stretched out.

Amazingly, after I finished the exercise I found this drawing of a samurai on the web. While my samurai had more amour, a bigger saddle, no bow and arrows, and in some versions has his right arm extended and not his left, it is fairly close.

Here is an actual picture of the tree. As I suspected it looks just like a tree but for the purpose of this exercise I wanted to include a picture of it (actually I see it clearly but I suspect that is because I worked on it so much).

Now, as a further experiment, please pick your favorite one (#ST1 - ST12) and tell me why you like it and what you see?

Keep your creative side alive!

Until the next time.
Carpe Diem

Monday, January 12, 2009

The Wonder Drug Garlic

I recently observed the anti viral effects of garlic on regular and immune compromised individuals.

Everyone hates getting a cold or the flu. I have found that, at the very first sign of a bug coming on, if you take raw garlic you will not get sick.

This is not for the faint of heart for there are some obvious side effects.


At the first hint of getting sick, press two medium teeth of garlic.
(organic preferred)
Place all content of the teeth into a teaspoon.
Have a glass of water and a piece of bread ready.
Quickly swallow the garlic teeth and drink the water.
Then eat some bread and finish the glass of water.

I also suggest you do it after a meal.
If you do it correctly it is not at all bad.

Now, if you are going to be speaking to people you will need some sort of breath mints. The stronger the better as the garlic will effect your breath.

Secondly, you may experience the Garlic Bomb.
These extremely potent farts are a GRFS9 (the Greco-Roman Fart Scale)
With a mustard gas characteristic, these babies can easily clear a room.
If you are going to be in a meeting, you go at your own risk, unless of course you are the boss.

The medical use of garlic goes back for the last 4000 years.
Evil spirits that caused illness were thought to be chased away by garlic.
Amazon River parasites can be eliminated from the system with raw garlic.
This ancient superfood is very powerful.

Good luck and stay healthy.

Until the next time.
Carpe Diem

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Keep your focus on the positive and drawn in the light.

"A woman sees the the morning as the dawn folds the day.
A way of being surely good to moments gone astray.
Hark the night approaching I hear whispers on the wind.
Never fear the dusking will soon become their sin."

In this time of layoffs and economic uncertainty keep your spirits up.
Any chance you get to focus on the positive take it like a fish to water.
Let that moment carry the next several.

Until the next time.
Carpe Diem

Friday, October 3, 2008


What Palin might say to any particular question.

"Maverick is what the essential thing that one determines in the economy that is what America needs to regulate foreign policy that John McCain is on America working Joes that the soccer mom needs to be a maverick. So in closing the regular people like me know that one can be clear that the need is ... Read Morewhat we needed in the future to go and make sure we don't discuss the pass to not repeat that Maverick in the maverick of mavericks of the American people. Go John McCain!"

Until the next time.
Carpe Diem

Friday, September 26, 2008

Master Cleanser/Lemonade Diet 4

Well, I am 3 days out from breaking the cleanse and I feel great. I went 10 days without eating any solid food and now feel energized and focused. Last night I watched the season premier of The Office and one of the characters was doing the cleanse ( to lose weight, something I discourage since the weight usually just comes right back). They made her make-up look terrible so she looked sick and then she passed out at work. If this had really happened to her I would have told her to make sure she was drinking enough lemonade, increase the maple syrup a little in the mixture and drink more water. The fact that she became so sick with the cleanse only shows that she had a lot of toxins in her system. Additionally, when she went to the hospital they had to give her several bags of saline meaning she was dehydrated: she was not drinking enough. She probably was drinking less because she thought she would lose more weight, wrong. The show portrayed the cleanse as something only crazy people do which is sad because it potentially could help a lot of people. Of course the cleanse is not for everyone and certain medical conditions must be considered but most people can do it. It just takes great will power and the ability to follow the directions. I know it was just a show but sadly in today's culture TV has great power and it would be a shame if it turned some people off to the cleanse.

Until the next time.
Carpe Diem

Monday, September 22, 2008

Master Cleanser/Lemonade Diet 3

Day 9 of the Master Cleanser and I am doing well. Really looking forward to eating again. It never fails to blow my mind during the cleanse that you don't eat any solid food. Nothing really to report except one more day to go! Yeah Baby YEAH!

Until the next time.
Carpe Diem